Immigration Lawyers: Paid vs. Free Consultations

The word “free” makes everyone’s ears perk up. However, the truth is that you often get what you pay for. And this adage certainly rings true when it comes to consultation fees when meeting with an immigration attorney.

Your Typical “Free” Consultation

Some immigration law offices may offer a “free” consultation, but may only allow you five minutes of their time. This barely allows you to scratch the surface of your story, let alone leaving any time for questions! The free consultation may even be with a non-lawyer!

And often in these scenarios, prospective clients who request to go into more detail and beyond their five-minute allotment are required to then provide a payment anyway!  Remember, every case is different, and there is no simple yes or no answer to most legal immigration issues.  A thorough consultation is necessary to examine all sides of your case, discuss the “what ifs” and much more. To not fully vet all issues with a lawyer, before retaining a law firm to assist you, is a big mistake and may cost you much, much more in the future to straighten things out.

Why Our Consultation Fee is Well Worth It

Don’t fear the consultation fee! In fact, Shane & Shane actually credits the fee toward your retainer if you retain the firm within 15 days of the initial consultation! So you actually don’t end up paying anything extra for it!

Plus, our Board Certified immigration attorneys take the time to learn about your situation and answer all of your questions during the initial consultation. You won’t ever feel rushed or pressured. Everything is outlined up front. And if you do choose to retain us as a client – congratulations, you’ve made an excellent decision!

We also offer a variety of convenient consultation options that work around your particular situation. You can do a consultation in-person at our office, or via Skype or telephone.

Is Shane & Shane Right for Me?

Shane & Shane is a full-service immigration law firm based in Fort Lauderdale, but we serve clients throughout South Florida and internationally.  We are particularly skilled in family-based immigration, employment-based immigration, deportation defense, and naturalization.

If you have additional questions or are ready to set up your consultation, contact us today.