Sun Sentinel Story on South Florida’s Undocumented Immigrants

An article in the South Florida Sun Sentinel entitled Prosperous But Undocumented provides interesting insights into the world of undocumented immigrants in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach areas.

The story’s subhead summarizes it well: “Many unauthorized immigrants break the stereotype and live comfortably and successfully. Good jobs. Nice cars. Fashionable homes. How do they do it?”

The article profiles a set of diverse families from throughout the region. It discusses the fact that many immigrants are leading successful lives in South Florida, far outside common stereotypes.

 “Of the nation’s estimated 11 million unauthorized immigrants, about 1 million are professionals, according to a report from Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank based in Washington, D.C. In Florida, about 79,000 professional people are undocumented immigrants,” the story reports.

An interesting graphic from the story also noted the following:

A Portrait Of Undocumented Immigrants In Florida

An estimated 605,000 undocumented immigrants — people without visas or with expired ones — live in Florida. More than half of them reside here in South Florida.

Across The State

  • 27% – Have health insurance
  • 34% – Are homeowners

Additionally, the article highlights the problems with current immigration law policies that led to many of these people’s current situations and the day-to-day difficulties they face in their lives because of this.

“The nation is at odds over what to do with undocumented immigrants, including professionals,” said the story.

It’s a very interesting article that looks into an often overlooked and misunderstood faction of South Florida. We recommend giving the full story a read at: http://interactive.sun-sentinel.com/undocumented-and-prosperous/.

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