Michael Shane Appears on WIOD to Discuss Supreme Court Immigration Ruling

Following the Supreme Court decision on immigration last week, Shane & Shane partner Michael Shane was featured on Miami’s WIOD News Radio 610AM last Friday. Shane provided insights and analysis about the split decision and what it means for South Florida immigrant families and the future of immigration policy.

An online version of the WIOD segment can be seen here: http://wiod.iheart.com/articles/wiodam-local-news-122821/south-florida-reacts-to-the-supreme-14845947/

You can also learn more in a press release issued by our firm this week: http://www.prweb.com/releases/immigration-attorneys/shane-shane-brauwerman/prweb13515404.htm

If you’re still wondering about what the Supreme Court’s immigration ruling means for you, check out Shane & Shane’s detailed blog post on this development.

Those currently navigating immigration and naturalization processes are also encouraged to work with a qualified immigration attorney. This ensures that you give your family the best chance of success for your unique situation. Contact us today to see how we can help.