The Hidden Costs of DIY Immigration Law

Do-It-Yourself Immigration – Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

At Shane & Shane, we often help distraught clients who first tried to tackle the complex world of immigration law on their own. Novices in this complicated area, the average person may understandably make costly and even irreversible errors.

Many people do individual research and file something on their own. After it is then denied and they find themselves in the midst of removal proceedings – which could have been avoided if they had obtained sound legal advice in the first place – individuals come to us for a consultation.

Ironically, the driving force behind troublesome DIY immigration applications is typically to save money since people feel they “can’t afford” an immigration lawyer. But in reality, clients not only waste excessive time and application fees going it alone, but they end up spending much more in the end to fix an issue that likely wouldn’t have occurred if they had filed property the first time. In many cases, their errors also set a bad record for their future filings, as well.

Online Immigration Resources – Friend or Foe?

 On the Shane & Shane blog, we seek to provide helpful immigration law guidance. Below are some other useful and credible online resources:

However, extreme caution should be exercised when conducting research online (even on these trusted sites), and all information should always be verified on www.uscis.gov. Details might not always be up-to-date and accurate due to changes in case law, policy, or procedure.

Doing your own online research can even do more harm than good if you don’t do your due diligence.

And in the end, there is absolutely no substitute for sound professional legal advice from a Board Certified immigration attorney.

Don’t Fear the Consultation Fee

In addition to the litany of issues that can occur when going it alone, there are even more great reasons to go ahead and set up your consultation with Shane & Shane…

We will take as much time as is needed to go over your situation, discuss scenarios and answer questions. Plus – if you retain us within 15 days of your first consultation, that fee will be credited toward your retainer, so the initial consultation is essentially free!

Don’t waste your time, money and peace of mind on trying to navigate immigration process on your own. Call the experts at Shane & Shane today.

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