Do you need assistance with an immigration issue? Shane, Shane and Brauwerman can offer the legal representation you need. Our practice areas include employment-based immigration, naturalization and family-based immigration. We provide outstanding advice, presented in a way you can understand, without the confusing jargon.

Talk to an Employment-Based Immigration Lawyer

If you do business in the United States, you may qualify for an employment-based visa. We represent a range of clients who need authorization to work here. Our expertise includes:


Though our offices are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we represent clients all over the world. As board certified immigration attorneys, we will first conduct an in depth and thorough initial consultation to learn about all of the facts and client goals, and explain the legal issues and procedures.  When we are hired to represent a client, we do not just fill out forms and file papers. As an immigration lawyer, we represent clients, which means that we enter our appearance as the client’s attorney with the appropriate United States governmental agency and we will be in constant communication with the client regarding required documentation and information, brainstorm potential supporting documentation, and ensure that when a case is filed, it is complete, accurate, and approvable.

Consult an Immigration Deportation Defense Lawyer

When in removal proceedings, a client’s ability to be able to stay with his or her family and live and work in the United States is on the line.  Representation in your immigration deportation defense can be the difference between obtaining and/or retaining lawful permanent resident status and being removed from the United States. We are attorneys who specialize in removal defense and know the nuances of the immigration court.

Shane, Shane and Brauwerman works with you to devise the best strategy for your deportation case. We also consult with criminal lawyers when needed, in cases where criminal charges lead to possible deportation. Need immediate advice? You can speak directly with the board certified lawyers at Shane, Shane and Brauwerman who will answer your questions.

Do You Need an Immigration Naturalization Attorney?

Many people dream of gaining United States citizenship by completing the naturalization process. The naturalization process will take time and requires considerable attention to detail.  Your entire immigration history will be scrutinized at the naturalization interview, which will take place at your local United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) Field Office.  If there is a legal and/or factual problem in your immigration history, filing for naturalization could result in being placed in removal proceedings. Certain criminal offenses, tax issues, child support issues, extensive trips outside the United States, false claims to United States citizenship, and other legal issues could result in the denial of your naturalization application.  Therefore, before attempting to file for naturalization, consult with the board certified immigration attorneys at Shane, Shane, and Brauwerman to ensure that you eligible to become a naturalized citizen of the United States.

Not only does Shane, Shane and Brauwerman assist our clients with filling out the naturalization form, but it also ensure that every client’s filing is complete with all required supporting documentation.  Additionally, all naturalization applicants are entitled to legal representation at the naturalization examination. Shane, Shane and Brauwerman represents each and every one of its clients at the naturalization examination to ensure that it’s client’s legal rights are protected and the USCIS adjudications officer is familiar with and following the proper immigration law.  Our clients go to their naturalization examinations with representation.

Speak With a Family-Based Immigration Attorney

Shane, Shane and Brauwerman represents families that are located all over the world throughout the immigration process.  Whether it is family-based adjustment of status while in the United States, or immigrant visa processing through a United States Embassy in a foreign country, our law firm can represent you from beginning to end.  For even the most well-educated and sophisticated person, securing green cards for family members is a long and confusing process. The process is more than just filling out some forms and sending them to immigration.  The forms must 100% accurate and complete, and supported by the proper documentation. Otherwise, the filing could be rejected, a request for additional evidence could be issued, or it could be denied. The board-certified immigration attorneys at Shane, Shane, and Brauwerman are experts at navigating the family-based immigration process.  Attorneys Evan Shane and Michael Shane have lectured to other immigration attorneys at multiple immigration lawyer conferences on complex legal and procedural issues in the family-based immigration process.

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Whether you need assistance with family immigration, naturalization or any of our other practice areas, you can find the personal attention and legal knowledge you need at Shane, Shane and Brauwerman. Contact us today to discuss your case.