There aren’t enough words to emphasize how incredible the Shane & Shane law firm is and especially to have met a person, like Mr.Evan Shane. Mr.Evan was very meticulous in handling our case. He wasn’t someone who made us felt only like clients, or just some business relation, but rather more like FAMILY. Imagine being in the presence of strangers with a billion dollars, but yet still being content, having that peaceful, calm feeling of being surrounded with people who ”GENUINELY CARE and YOU CAN TRUST”. We can proudly and confidently say Mr.Evan Shane & the entire law firm, implement such attitude,”VERY CARING and TRUSTWORTHY PEOPLE”. Responding to every email, phone call or message, definitely an organized man and firm ”No BS”. That’s a person and a team, you need to have to represent you without any doubt whatsoever when handling immigration cases. Being clients of Mr. Evan, it’s very transparent why He’s rated as one of Florida’s top immigration attorney, however, to us He is the ”TOP ATTORNEY!” Mr. Evan made our journey through this process awesome. With all sincerity and gratitude, we thank Mr.Evan Shane and his Superb team for their aid and strongly recommend them with no exception, for all your immigration services.

Florida’s Immigration Giant