The service we received at the law firm Shane & Shane was excellent!
I highly recommend Evan Shane if you want success with your immigration process. Other immigration lawyers we worked with were unable to achieve what Evan Shane and his team did.

In August 2013, our case went from being simple to complex with our first lawyer. An unforeseen issue had arisen. We needed a lawyer with more experience. In January 2014, we had contacted Shane & Shane and felt good about our consultations. However, our first attorney advised that it was better to work with a local lawyer in Jacksonville. So the second lawyer we decided on was local and she assured us that our case was easy and she had never lost a case before. Hiring her turned out to be a big mistake. We were issued a Notice of Intent to Deny our application and my I-130 was not approved. Our lawyer’s positive attitude quickly changed. We asked for our case file and she was quick to put it together. She did not seem to be enthusiastic about continuing with our case and at one point she even suggested, “you got to know when to quit…”
We wanted someone who truly understood what our green card application meant to us. We needed a cheerleader and an attitude of success.

With much wasted time and money and our case getting more and more complicated we re-contacted the law firm Shane & Shane. Everyone at the firm we spoke with was professional and personable. The final results proved it was the best move we ever made concerning our immigration process.

Our immigration case went from being simple to requiring an I-601 waiver. Evan’s approach to our difficult and complex case was methodical. He explained his approach in resolving each of our immigration issues. Evan is very knowledgeable in immigration law and truly understands how the immigration process works. He and his team did the research to best represent us. They were meticulous at putting our case file together which means that we had to do our part assembling vast amounts of data. While the paperwork seems endless and unending you won’t regret it. You have to be a partner with your attorney.

Even though Evan and his team Maria and Veronica were our primary support, it felt like everyone there was working for us. Evan was able to resolve our immigration issues. Thanks to him, and the team at Shane & Shane my wife can now live in the United States of America.

As Maria said, “It was a bumpy road.” Fortunately, we had chosen the best suspension system for the ride.

We highly recommend hiring Evan Shane and his partners for your immigration process.

The Real Deal…