August 31, 2009: B-2 Visa For Medical Treatment in the USA

B-2 Visa For Medical Treatment in the USA

My grandmother is very sick in Mexico. The doctor suggested to her that it would be best for her to obtain medical treatment here in Houston, Texas. What would be the fastest way to bring her to the U.S.? Thank you.
— Anonymous

Generally, a B-2 visitor visa may be issued to an individual who intends to enter the United States temporarily to receive medical treatment. Thus, your grandmother may be able to apply for a B-2 visitor visa at the U.S. Consulate in Mexico nearest to where she lives. In addition to the nonimmigrant visa forms, photos, passport, required fees and proof that she will return abroad on or before the expiration of the authorized period of stay that must be submitted for the visitor visa, your grandmother will have to document her need for medical treatment in the United States.

The following is meant to be very general and generic `list’ of things that your grandmother will need to provide to the U.S. Embassy. She will have to provide her medical diagnosis from her treating doctor in Mexico. The diagnosis should include an explanation about the nature of the specific medical condition and the reason why treatment in the United States is necessary. She will also need to present a letter from a doctor or medical facility in the United States that explains their willingness to treat the specific medical condition, including the projected length and cost of the treatment. She will also need to provide a statement of financial responsibility along with documentary proof of financial ability from an individual or organization that will cover the costs associated with the medical expenses, living expenses, and transportation expenses.

Of course it is impossible to predict the likelihood of success, but her chances increase when the nonimmigrant visa package is properly prepared and supported with relevant and probative evidence. It may be wise to consult with an immigration attorney to discuss other possible immigration options for your grandmother.

Michael Shane and Evan Shane, Immigration Attorneys