DREAMERS – Deferred Action Filing Tips

On August 1, 2012, the government is expected to announce the filing process for DREAMERS to request deferred action pursuant to President Obama’s June 15, 2012 Executive Order.  In anticipation of being able to file for deferred action, DREAMERS should be collecting their high school transcripts and diplomas, certified copy of their birth certificate, medical records, proof of entry into the United States, and certified copies of any and all criminal records.  These records will be useful to prove that the DREAMER has been in the United States since under the age of 16, was under the age of 31 on June 15, 2012, has been continuously present in the United States since before June 15, 2007, has graduated from high school, earned a GED, or is presently in school, and does not have any disqualifying criminal history.  DREAMERS can expect to pay $380.00 for the work permit and $85.00 for Biometrics (fingerprinting background check).  If applying for the work permit, DREAMERS will likely have to prove economic necessity for the permit.  There will probably be an additional form and additional filing fee for a specific ‘deferred action request’ under the Obama Executive Order.  All forms will be sent to a designated USCIS office if you are not in removal proceedings or have a final order of removal.  If you are presently in removal proceedings, the request will be made with ICE Counsel.  All of the specifics are expected to be announced on August 1, 2012.  Before filing any paperwork with government, you should consult with the best immigration lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.