Deportation Defense Representation

The Florida Bar Board Certified immigration attorneys at Shane, Shane and Brauwerman have handled many removal/deportation cases. Our firm’s attorneys are very skilled at analyzing the legal issues involved in complex immigration court cases. There are many criminal convictions that result in severe immigration consequences, so we work with criminal attorneys to explain the immigration law and the immigration consequences that would result from a conviction before a client accepts a criminal plea or goes to trial.

We seek to resolve immigration court matters as skillfully and expeditiously as possible. We are very aware that deportation proceedings can be a very stressful time and we will do our very best to calm your nerves and provide the best legal representation possible.


Criminal Activity Can Lead to Deportation

If you commit a criminal offense in the United States, you may become subject to deportation/removal proceedings. Though not all criminal offenses result in deportation/removal proceedings being instituted against you, your status often depends on the judgment of immigration authorities. A green card holder may be deported when convicted of aggravated felonies as well as some that carry lesser consequences, such as:

  • Drug offenses
  • Firearms trafficking
  • Fraud
  • Domestic violence

You can be deported for committing a misdemeanor, too, which is why it is critical to consult with a deportation defense attorney to determine your strategy for staying in the country. But unfortunately, things aside from criminal offenses can also spark deportation.

Other Reasons for Deportation in the United States

Violating the terms of your visa can result in deportation/removal proceedings being instituted against you. For example, if you visit on a nonimmigrant tourist visa but take a job, you could get deported because you failed to follow the conditions of your visa.

Immigrants who do not tell U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services when they move can also face deportation. You must let USCIS know about a new address within 10 days of your change of address..

Additional deportation causes may include:

  • Receiving public assistance
  • Violating immigration laws
  • Entering into a fraudulent marriage

Why You Need a Deportation Defense Attorney

If you are in danger of being deported, you undoubtedly feel scared. You worry for your family and whether you can continue to support them. You fear what will happen if the criminal ruling goes against you. You may not understand your legal options, and you may have no idea how to fight the deportation.  Certainly, just because you are placed in removal/deportation proceedings does not mean you will be removed from the United States.  You may have relief from removal available to you.

One of our Fort Lauderdale deportation defense lawyers can assist you. We specialize in immigration law and have taken on many cases over the years for people fighting to stay in the United States. We understand what procedures must be followed to help our clients to obtain the most favorable outcomes.

Our expertise lies in immigration law, so we consult with criminal attorneys to aid with criminal cases and gain insight into the optimal outcomes for your situation. We may be able to stop you from accepting any plea deals that are not in your best interest. We will work to engineer deals favorable to you that also allow you to support your family and stay close to them.

Choose Shane, Shane and Brauwerman for Your Deportation Case

Shane, Shane and Brauwerman has a staff of reliable, determined and honest attorneys and other employees who care about the outcome of your case. They listen carefully to every detail of your situation and advise you based on your circumstances. When you work with us, you get direct contact with our lawyers when you need them.

You deserve the best representation to help you resolve your deportation case quickly. Get in touch with us today to begin.

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